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Snackjack Game Description

The county fair is open and your little piglets are ready to take the blue ribbon. First however, they need to be fattened up with goodies like Hot Dogs, Pies, Cotton Candy, and more. The only way to do this is by winning hands of Blackjack. Are you fast enough to score 21 and earn these piglets their reward? Deal the cards and play four simultaneous hands of Blackjack in order to feed the piglets their goodies. Each winning 21 awards their snack but each level has a certain amount to win in order to move on. Once your pig is full and reaches level five, retire him in style to Sleepy Wallow Farms then take on the challenge again with another young piglet. The more champion pigs you successfully retire, the more upgrades you earn for your retirement community. Build up all sorts of amenities like a karaoke bar, bowling alley, movie theatre, tattoo parlor and even a football stadium!

Game belongs to genres: Card & Board

Full version features:

  • Create straights and five-card Charlies for added bonuses.
  • Raise your piglet to award-winning size and then retire him to your lovely farm.
  • Play four simultaneous hands and rush to fatten up your piglets with goodies.
  • Be the toast of the county fair in this 21 Blackjack Card game for the whole family.
  • Build up farm amenities like a karaoke bar, a bowling alley, and a movie theater.

Snackjack Screenshots:

System requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz
256 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 19 MB