Smiley Commandos

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Smiley Commandos Game Description

Smiley Commandos is a strategy game with two armies of smileys on a game board. A game starts on an empty field with a few super smileys. These are invulnerable and are used to start building bases. In the easier difficulty levels, the boards are very open and the super smileys are already in place. In higher levels, there are small islands and you choose the starting locations. Each turn, the players can place 5 balls on the board, starting from a super smiley. When you get close to the enemy, you can crush enemy balls to turn them into bases. When you place a new ball next to a base, a commando appears and the base, consisting of all connecting squares, goes "live". To disable enemy bases, you have to take out every commando around it. Live bases can then be used as new starting position for the balls. Even when your bases are disabled, you can reactivate them with a commando.

Game belongs to genres: Puzzle Games, Strategy

Full version features:

  • Play through 40 levels
  • Fun for all ages
  • Unique experience

Smiley Commandos Screenshots:

System requirements:

OS: Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
Memory: 128 MB