Jane's Realty

(25.00 mb)

Jane's Realty Game Description

Jane is in the business again. After building family hotel network and opening of a boutique, she is ready to start leasing houses! Help Jane to build a complete city with electric power stations, stores, houses for rent, restaurants, City Hall and so on. Create perfect houses to collect the maximum rental amount, more money – more buildings! Build your dream city with Jane and enjoy hours of this click-time-management fun! Play Jane’s Realty now!

Game belongs to genres: Arcade & Action, Time Management

Full version features:

  • Place Furniture Correctly
  • Jane Is Now A Realtor!
  • Use Bonuses To Make Your Customers Happy!
  • Unique Sims Elements!

Jane's Realty Screenshots:

System requirements:

OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
CPU: P3 700
Memory: 128 MB
DirectX: 8.0 or later