Conveyor Chaos

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Conveyor Chaos Game Description

Exciting wacky Conveyor Chaos fun for all the family! Chloe has just graduated from a top business university. Keen to help the family business, she has been recruited by her uncle. Fearing his warehouses will seize to trade for much longer, he has taken on Chloe for her top business knowledge. Recently her uncle has made a real mess of the conveyor system, shipping the wrong parcels to the wrong people! Now he needs her to sort the conveyor lines so people can finally receive their missing packages! You will need to sort the conveyors, fill the correct trucks and most important, do it quickly! By filling the trucks quickly you will earn additional money, then use that money to invest in the warehouses!

Game belongs to genres: Puzzle Games

Full version features:

  • Solve the Conveyor Chaos!
  • Save the business from foreclosure!
  • Spend extra cash on additional items!
  • Expand the warehouses!
  • Become the savour of the family business!

Conveyor Chaos Screenshots:

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512
DirectX: 9.0