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Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life (by Community)

A long awaited Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life is out and we have some Tips and Tricks for this great game:


Stews that affect food or something your villager might eat, you have to use FRESH WATER, not sea water.

First, start by collection the ingredients (plant items). Then get either Fresh Water or Sea Water, then get a stone from the pile of stones just to the left of the bridge under the Research Section. Your villager will take it to the fire (assuming you paid attention during the tutorial and have BUILT one). If you haven't built a fire, take the dry wood and dry grass just above the black circle and then drag a villager on the fireplace and the fire will start. Then, take the stone like I stated before, wait for it to turn RED, and then drag a villager over the stone and they will take it to the Cooking Pot.

NOTE THERE'S A GLITCH: You can actually also gather stones from the dry wood pile near the fireplace, but you have to move your Villager around there until they "notice a pile of black stones". They will pull a stone from out of no where.


3 Sweet Plants and Fresh Water and then add Food from the Food Storage. The stew will emit a black smoke and you have to drag a bunch of villagers over to the stew (including children) and they will take it to the tree and Worship the tree

3 Soapy Plants and Sea Water and you will make Bars of Soap to use in the lake just above the cooking area. The lake is ONLY accessible after you have cleared the dam in the top right corner.

3 Spicy Plants and Fresh Water and Food and you will get a spicy concoction

2 Sweet Plants and a Spicy Plant and Fresh Water and Food you will get a REALLY GOOD STEW that everyone will automatically come over and eat

1 Sweet Plant and 2 Soapy Plants and Fresh Water and Food and I'm pretty sure you burp bubbles

1 Soap Plant and 2 Sweet Plants and Fresh Water and Food and I'm pretty sure you get the hiccups

With some of these puzzles, it may take either an Adept Worker or Master Worker, or you may need a certain level in you Tech Points. There ARE cheats I will state later on to help you with this in case you just want to get to that point quicker


Puzzle #1 - Cutting Tool
This one is explained during the tutorial, you just have to drag a villager to the dry Fish Bones on the beach and they will automatically begin crafting cutting tools

Puzzle #2 - The Stream
You have to clear the stream from the top right hand corner using Builders. THIS HAS TO CONSTANTLY BE MAINTAINED OR ELSE THE RIVER WILL DRY UP!!!!

Once you do that, it won't be over yet. You then need to go underneath the cliff where the water USED to be flowing, and have a Villager who is an Adept Scientist and an Adept Builder pick up the "keystone" and place it in the hole near the tree. Once that is done, the puzzle will be solved and the pond will be open to you.

Puzzle #3 - Boiling Water
I explained above how to do this already, all it takes is either Fresh Water or Sea Water and Take a Stone from the pile of stones (or using the glitch I stated above) WAIT for the stone to turn RED, then drag a villager on the stone and they will automatically carry it over to the pot and it will boil the water.

Puzzle #4 - Soap Invented
Prepare your cooking pot by boiling SEA WATER. Then gather 3 SOAPY PLANTS and then begin to "cook" and the smoke will turn black. You will have created soap!

Puzzle #5 - The Butterflies
This requires cutting tools from the fish, and the life giving stream to be restored

There are butterflies flying around the tall stalks (once you have continued the flow of water and restored life to the stalks) in the left hand side of the island, just above the stream. Once you restore the stream, you shouldn't have to worry about the stalks dieing again. Take a villager over to the stalks and they will go get a cutting tool. When they return to the stalks to cut them down, a sticky residue will cover them, making them have a green gas surround them. The butterflies around the stalks will then begin to follow your villager. Pick them up and slowly drag them to the Tree of Life and drop them on the tree. They will begin to wipe the residue on the tree, and once they have finished, the butterflies will have returned to the tree.

Puzzle #6 - The Frog Rescue
If it's storming really bad, a puzzle full of frogs will form just to the left of the tall wooden stairs leading to the Flute Cliff. Take your villagers over there and keep rescuing frogs until the puzzle states it has been solved

Puzzle #7 - The Cooking Pit
In the bottom left hand corner of the screen you will see a bunch of rocks covering something, and two trees with fruit on them. You will need to get your builders to dig up the cooking pit and then you will need 3 to 4 hot black stones. This puzzle is tricky because eventually the stones will disappear even after you've placed them on the cooking pit because they cool down. Just keep an eye on your stone, and gather it RIGHT when you see it turn red in the fireplace. THERE CANNOT BE WATER IN THE COOKING POT or else your villagers will take the stones over to the pot and not the pit.

You will notice the pit is ready when it has turned red. You then have to take the banana leaves from the tree just to the left of the bridge leading up to the research tables and then the pit will be complete. You now have another way of gathering food.

Puzzle #8 - Cloth Invented
NOTE: This requires that you have tools ready, to be used.

You will notice the "pulpy vines" creeping up the walls just behind your fireplace. Take a villager over to the wall and gather pulpy vines. You only have to do it once, and then will take the ingredients over to the cooking table. Notice where it is the vines are coming from? The sea, so gather sea water from the sea water bowls and then heat up a stone. Place the ingredients in the pot and drag your villager over the pot. They will take the substance and begin pounding it out on one of the large stones near the beach. This will produce three items of cloth

Puzzle #9 - The Nursery School
NOTE: This requires a Tech Points Upgrade in LEARNING to Level 3

You must build the nursing school, but in order for you to complete the puzzle, you must have a villager who is Adept in at least 3 Subjects in order to teach the children

Puzzle #10 - The Mossy Rocks
NOTE: This requires two children and a villager, and also requires the Piers to be repaired

On the beach, near the cliff, you will notice a red crab creeping up through the sand and burrowing away. Take a child over and wait for the crab to come out of hiding. Drop the child on the crab and it will pursue to "distract" the crab. Take the other and do the same thing, and the crab will be trapped and will stop moving. Take a villager and drop it on the crab. The villager will take the crab over to the mossy rocks and use its claws to uncover the pictures beneath. Continue to do this 4 more times and you will learn more about the Tree of Life

Puzzle #11 -The Grand Feast
NOTE: This requires you to have a level 3 in Food, the Fishing nets restored, and the Cooking Pit restored. Also, in order to make the Grand Feast, you need to act fast.

You need 1 Soapy Plant, 1 Spicy Plant, 1 Sweet Plant, Fresh Water, A Hot Stone, A Mushroom, Food from the Storage Bin, A Berry, a Fruit from one of the Trees in the bottom left hand corner, and a Fish. Basically, you need one of every type of food and spice. When you make the grand feast, of course, the pot will look empty and the black smoke will arise. Your villagers will begin to take big pots of food and sit around the fire and eat.

Puzzle #12 - Fishing Nets
NOTE: This may require you to have various tech levels at level 3, I'm not sure which ones. It requires the docks to be repaired AND many bolts of cloth at the ready

Your villagers need a constant source of food, and this is the best one. You must first take builders over to the docks and repair the bridges. If you have your cloth ready, take many villagers over to the docks and it will say they are attempting to repair the fishing nets. This will take many villagers, so just drag and drop a whole bunch over there until the nets are complete. Fish will automatically begin to gather in the nets for your Farmers to gather up

Puzzle #13 - Tree Branch
NOTE: This puzzle requires tools, soap, and bolts of cloth. It also requires at least level 2 (possible 3) of the Tree of Life Tech Research (Dendrology) Start by taking your Adept Scientiest over to the tree branch, and they will take cloth to brace the tree. Then drag him over to the pile of tools, and he will heat the tools up and then cut the limb off. The "wound" will then need to be cleaned, so drag him over to the box of soap and he will then clean the branch and a new, healthy one will begin to take it's place eventually.

Puzzle #14 - Honoring the Tree
This requires that you make a certain stew (STATED ABOVE) where all your villagers honor the tree until the puzzle is solved.

Puzzle #15 - Tree Hole
NOTE: This requires you to have completed the Nursery and created Soap. You need at least one villager with an Adept Skill in three categories, and an Adept Parent

To do this, you need an Adept Parent to put soap in the pond, and then take them and put them in the pond and let them soak until they emerge sparkling. Once that's done, take your Teacher (person with Adept Skill in three categories) and put them on the Nursery. Then take your Adept Parent and put them in the garden where the flutes are. You DO NOT need to have collected all of the flutes in order for this to work. It takes a while for them to actually become "pure of mind" But when it happens, their head will glow gold, and they will have the sparkles around them. MAKE SURE you keep taking your Teacher and placing them on the school, because otherwise the children will leave school and head STRAIGHT for the meditation garden. If they get anywhere near your Adept Parent's meditation, they will shake their head and say "It's not peaceful enough".

After they are pure of body and mind, take them to the tree hole. They will emerge with a bug and place it in the fire. The tree will have been purified.

Puzzle #16 - The Lei For the Tree of Life
NOTE: This requires you to have an Adept Scientist, and the Tree of Life to have been mainly purified. It also requires 3 Bolts of Cloth, and for the Hummingbird to have appeared.

This puzzle also requires you to be quick. You need to get an Adept Scientist and put them on baskets of braids in the bottom left hand part of the Research Area. They will take a braid and put it on the rock near the fire. Drag them over the braid again for them to go collect cloth to cover the braid.

After they have completed that, the scientist is done doing his part on the Lei. You now need to wait for the teal hummingbird to appear. Follow the hummingbird until it lands on one of the various "out of bloom flowers" around the island. When you see it start to hover around a flower, begin taking as many children as you can over to the flower and they will begin to make the Lei. Continue to do this until one of the children takes the Lei to the tree of life and drapes it on the tree.

Repeat this process 2 more times and the final puzzle will be complete!

Congratulations! You have Completed Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life!

Now, if you want, you can collect the rest of the pieces of the Collections!

MAUSOLEUM: Gather all of the pieces to the mausoleum, and it will be unlocked for you, and you may see all your dead villagers

FISH SCALES: Gather all the fish scales (they will all be at the bottom right hand part of the beach where the rocky reef is)

FLUTES Gather all of the flutes to be able to make your villagers "pure of mind" by meditating in the garden

SCIENCE OBJECTS: Gather all science objects. These, as well as any flute and mausoleum pieces, will appear at random near and around the fireplace area.