The Stroke of Midnight Premium Edition

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The Stroke of Midnight Premium Edition Game Description

A romance author takes a trip to an old castle in Transylvania hoping to spark the inspiration for her latest book. When she arrives, she gets more than expected as the ghosts of this once magnificent palace play out their heart-breaking story before her very eyes, prompting not only the storyline for her new novel, but her quest to reunite them in the afterlife. Plunge into the history of the haunted castle and follow the ghosts of the jilted lovers in this captivating experience. Walk the halls through 20 unique 3D locations to solve countless puzzles, find useful items, and uncover more of the fascinating story. With an organic new user interface system, you will become completely immersed in the magnificence of this stunning adventure.

Game belongs to genres: Puzzle Games, Hidden Object Games

Full version features:

  • Reunite lost lovers in their afterlife with this stunning Victorian-era Adventure.
  • Enjoy this captivating journey infused with Puzzle and Hidden Object elements.
  • Walk the halls of a Transylvanian castle and immerse yourself in 20 unique 3D locations.
  • This Premium Edition includes a printable version of the completed Novel, one additional level, an amazing Screensaver, and four beautiful Wallpapers.

The Stroke of Midnight Premium Edition Screenshots:

System requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz
DirectX 9.0
512 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 191 MB