Royal Envoy 2 Platinum Edition

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Royal Envoy 2 Platinum Edition Game Description

As his trusted city planner, the King turns to you one more time when he learns that the faraway land of Middleshire is in ruins. Poor management and negligence have left the once-productive region void of any direction. Now, it's up to you to heed his royal decree and restore Middleshire to prominence. Team up with the loyal Cedric and resolve the King's challenge in more than 60 wonderful levels. Lead the King's subjects and build homes, repair factories, clear rubble, and get the markets trading again. Explore ancient caves and forgotten mines, meet mystical nymphs and leprechauns, and engage in snowball fights in the frigid arctic. With you as their guide, the people of Middleshire can build a veritable paradise once again.

Game belongs to genres: Arcade & Action, Time Management

Full version features:

  • Team up with the loyal Cedric and resolve the King's new challenge in this Time Management sequel.
  • This Platinum Edition includes Bonus Gameplay, a built-in Walkthrough, an animated Screensaver, Wallpapers, and the original Soundtrack.
  • The Standard Edition of this game will be available at a later date.
  • Lead the King's subjects in building homes, repairing factories, and much more.

Royal Envoy 2 Platinum Edition Screenshots:

System requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
DirectX 9.0
1024 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 219 MB