Reel Deal Slot Quest - Galactic Defender

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Reel Deal Slot Quest - Galactic Defender Game Description

Planet Echo has always been a peaceful place despite being on the frontier of human habitation across the universe. Today, a message was sent across all channels that an alien overlord and his armada are closing in on the planet. Board the Galactic Defender spaceship and turn back the invaders. Travel through the Ring Nebula and dodge the Stroid Field as you unlock four unique Slot machines to take on the alien horde. Drop in your credits, select your pay lines to spin the reels. Complete challenging quests on each machine to gain levels that increase payouts. Play unique mini-games, earn up to 100 achievements, and keep track of all your statistics. It's time to change the fate of your planet.

Game belongs to genres: Card & Board

Full version features:

  • Complete special quests and track your playing statistics.
  • Gain levels to increase payouts and earn 100 challenging achievements.
  • Enjoy fun mini-games reminiscent of today's hottest slot trends.
  • Play four different machines including Ring Nebula and Stroid Field.
  • Brave the cold depths of space to save a planet in this adventurous Slot game.

Reel Deal Slot Quest - Galactic Defender Screenshots:

System requirements:

Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 3 700 MHz
DirectX 9.0c
512 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 217 MB