Nat Geo Games Lost Chronicles - Salem

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Nat Geo Games Lost Chronicles - Salem Game Description

When your mom is accused of performing witchcraft around the town of Salem, people start a witch hunt in search of her. You have made the decision that you should flee the town before they catch your mom and punish her! Pack your personal belongings and make a move! Explore the town of Salem after all its 1692 and you can't trust anyone in the Lost Chronicles: Salem. As you begin to explore deeper into the surroundings of Salem you need to solve puzzles and scour hidden object scenes for useful objects on your travels! Are the claims true? Is your mom a witch? Find out in the Lost Chronicles: Salem

Game belongs to genres: Puzzle Games, Hidden Object Games

Full version features:

  • Save your mom from the villagers!
  • Go on an exciting adventure!
  • Fantastic storyline!
  • Exciting action!
  • Find out the truth about your mom!

Nat Geo Games Lost Chronicles - Salem Screenshots:

System requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz
DirectX 8.0
512 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 197 MB