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Miriel the Magical Merchant Tips and Tricks (by MythPeople)

Here are the tips and tricks for Miriel the Magical Merchant game: - You can carry multiple items at once - you can use this to save a lot of time! - Remember to collect all the coins customers leave you. - You can plan Miriel's actions ahead - just click things as fast as you can and she'll fill your orders as fast as she can! - You can queue the item orders - try to keep the table as full as possible all the time. - Try to keep the table full of products all the time. Guessing what people will order. - Use right mouse button to cancel an action. Click it twice to cancel two actions. - The products from the oven are usually more valuable than normal products. You might want to prioritize them. - As soon as the day starts, start baking. It's good to have baked products ready before customers order them. - Sometimes it's good to delay picking up the coins. That way the counter doesn't get so crowded. - Try to collect the golden haste wings to charge the haste device. Activate haste by clicking the device. - Activate the haste device when you need it the most. - The Haste Device speeds up your oven too. Haste mode is great for baking! - Earn combos by serving multiple customers in a row, this will boost the revenue. - Serve candy to customers to improve their mood. - Some of the customers are more impatient than others, try serving them first.